With the Nets visiting (and losing to) the Suns last night, the NY/NJ media had a chance to sitdown with CSTB’s 2nd favorite KT, former Knicks F Kurt Thomas (above). Thomas, never a fan of Stephon Marbury when the two were teammates in New York, was only too happy to comment on the contrasts between the 2nd Best Point Guard from Coney Island and Steve Nash. From the New York Daily News’ Ohm Youngmisuk.

Kurt Thomas misses his old point guard from New York. No, not that one.

“I enjoyed playing with Charlie Ward,” Thomas said yesterday morning when asked if he were surprised that Larry Brown and Stephon Marbury have had their difficulties.

When told that Tim Thomas recently had said how excited he was to be playing in Chicago with point guards who pass, the Suns’ forward smiled.

“Oh definitely, total agreement,” Thomas said. “Total agreement. Totally. Totally.”

Thomas was asked to describe the difference between playing with Marbury and Nash.

“I can’t even think of the words,” Thomas said.

Shooting at a 28% clip from the field, the Knicks are trailing the Sixers, 36-23 midway through the 2nd quarter at MSG. My favorite part of the box score is where it says Jerome James, “has not entered the game”. If someone were to change that notation to “will never enter the game”, I doubt there’d be much complaint.

“Not a lot of celebrities here in the early hours. Mike” bemoaned Walt Frazier, as the cameras scanned a less-than glittering row of courtside seats. “John McEnroe is here,” replied the hopeful Mike Breen, “but I’m getting so old I can’t even name some of the celebrities.”

“That’s not a good sign.” agreed Clyde.

In defense of both broadcasting giants, when even Matthew Modine has something better to do on a Saturday afternoon, the Knicks clearly fallen off the cultural radar.

Even without Tracy McGrady and Rafer Alston, are the Houston Rockets really so messed up that they’ve lost 6 in row and are stuck at 3-10? The evidence is hard to argue with, much as it seems like Jeff Van Gundy will grow even older waiting for Yao Ming to take over a game.

Marcus Camby has to be considered an early candidate for the Western Conference’s center in the All-Star Game. That said, such a proposition assumes Camby will be healthy by next February, hardly a sure thing.

(UPDATE : on a subsequent glance at celebrity row, Mike Breen pointed out that Rosario Dawson and Chazz Palminteri were in attendence. “Who was that girl, again?” asked Clyde. The Knicks erased a 16 point halftime deficit, survived a 40 point effort from Allan Iverson, and won, 105-102 on a Nate Robinson 3 pointer in OT, the diminutive guard (above) connecting with AI’s hand in his face. Rookie C Channing Frye continues to impress, scoring 21 points and gather 11 rebounds in his first start. Stephon Marbury scored 33, shooting 14 for 26 from the field)