Last seen in this space using his Facebook profile as a bully pulpit from which to settle scores real or imagined, on-again/off-again WEEI host Pete “Meat” Sheppard bade farewell to the former ratings juggernaut with typical aplomb, as described by Boston’s Sports Media’s Bruce Allen.

At the end of his Saturday afternoon shift, Sheppard then announced he was quitting the station, saying that he couldn’t do it anymore, he couldn’t stand working for the company anymore. He said that he was upset at how things had been going at the station over the last 18 months, and that it wasn’t Jason Wolfe’s fault, but those above him. (Jeff Brown in particular) He said they would not even take his calls, and that he is going out on his own terms – unlike the last time he left the station.

Sheppard assured listeners they would be hearing him again elsewhere in the near future.

Unlike past WEEI incidents (Mike Adams “locking” himself in the studio to get the job) this one was quite real.