As you’re probably all too aware, this morning’s New York Times has some not-quite-mindblowing revelations from the lawyer representing Steve Hoskins, a Bay Area memorabilia peddler (identified in at least one news item as Bonds’ “agent”) who seems to be the biggest male name thus far other than Victor Conte to roll over on the Sultan Of Surly. Bonds for his part, alleges that Hoskins’ claims of ‘roid rages and tax evasion are part of a deal with the FBI — it seems the Sultan and Hoskins might’ve had a falling out (imagine that).

Filling in for Sir Mike Golic on Thursday’s edition of “Mike & Mike In The Morning”, ESPN Radio’s Trey Wingo (above) seemed to think that Hoskins was a particularly credible source, given his supposed status as Bonds’ onetime “best friend”.

“If you know anything about Barry,” seethed Wingo, “you know that he doesn’t have many friends.”

“I’ve met him, and he’s a very unpleasant individual.”

“The one time I shook hands with him was unpleasant,” offered Mike Greenberg, eager to pile.

“At least he shook your hand, that’s more than I could say,” grumbled Wingo.

I’m not going to argue there isn’t a mountain of evidence somewhere that will reveal Barry Bonds is a cheat of the lowest sort. Not when he’s got drug dealers, former paramours and baseball memorabilia dealers lining up to drag his reputation through the mud. But when and if Bonds is formally indicted and tried, it would be really nice to sort out for once and all that his unwillingness to kiss ass with the media is not amongst the local, state or federal laws he’s violated.