If the American public can tolerate 9/11 Truther tirades from analysts ranging from Rashard Mendenhall to Dino Costa, what’s stopping former White Lion frontman Mike Tramp from weighing in?  Hot Metal’s Steve Mascord was the lucky recipient of correspondence from the Danish vocalist who declares, “I have 250 books on the subject and every DVD ever released and I firmly believe those two planes did not bring down the Twin Towers.”

“That can’t be answered in a short email as I head to bed,” Tramp wrote, upon being asked what brought down the World Trade Center.

“But I can put it this way, it wasn’t the two planes, and there are 100?s of organizations of scientist, architects, and pilots for the truth of 9/11 that says it can’t be done.

“Another thing is very few people knows that at 5pm in the evening, 10 hours after the two towers came down. A third building (world trade center 7) a 47 story building came down in 9 seconds in free fall, and no plane ever hit that.

“Only when you start reading the books and get the facts can you form your own opinion, I can’t do that for you.”