The St. Louis Post-Dispatch’s Bernie Miklasz knows that going from almost getting A.J. Burnett to picking up Sidney Ponson is a heck of a drop for the Cardinals.

This undoubtedly was the first time Cardinals general manager Walt Jocketty ever signed a free-agent pitcher out of the Central Booking and Intake Center in Baltimore.

That said, the Sidney Ponson signing reeks of desperation for the Cardinals, who have sufficient financial resources to pursue more proven and personally reliable pitchers. Jocketty shouldn’t have to resort to sorting through the discard pile, hoping to find a keeper. The Cardinals should be aiming higher instead of taking a risk on a problem pitcher who got dumped by a terrible organization.

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised, considering the franchise’s recent actions. The Cardinals milked all possible revenue out of the old Busch Stadium, selling everything from used seats to a clubhouse urinal to infield dirt. They upset fans here and around the nation by ending their longtime relationship with KMOX to grab 50 percent of KTRS, and more money from radio. They fired broadcaster Wayne Hagin after first telling him his job was safe for another season. And in a Grinch move, the Cardinals’ radio station fired most of the on-air staff a week before Christmas. Management is holding firm on the baseball payroll, even as the revenue streams rise.

In that context, I can’t say I’m shocked that the Cardinals would search for a bargain in the Central Booking and Intake Center in Baltimore, and take a flyer on Sidney Ponson.