A pair of Cy Young candidates and the game’s most fearsome offensive force couldn’t prevent the Cardinals from being swept by the the Dodgers last week, and Buster Olney is amongst those who figure Tony La Genius’ meeting with St. Louis brass today might well be their last confab. Longtime La Russa observer Bernie Miklasz of the Post-Dispatch, however, begs to differ, offering “I™d be stunned if La Russa does not return as manager in 2010, for many reasons.”  Let’s have ’em!

(1) He™s being paid over $4 million in his current contract and can expect a raise in the next deal; (2) He has a chance to move into the second spot for most career wins among managers, and given the success of this franchise, staying here will help him get him to that second spot faster; (3) He has a strong nucleus as his base, and it includes two Cy Young-caliber pitchers, Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter, plus the best hitter in the game in Albert Pujols ” and what manager would willingly walk away from that; (4) The front office and ownership proved this season that they™d make bold deals to help him win; (5) He cherishes the rich tradition of St. Louis Cardinals baseball and being a part of it; (6) He isn™t a quitter, and to leave now after ending 2009 with such a terrible thud would be unlike the La Russa I™ve known for 15 years.