It’s been a tricky transition to the college basketball big time for America East defending champs Binghamton, and with last week’s revelation head coach Kevin Broadus violated NCAA rules by visiting a pair of Fitchburg, MA recruits at their school, the embattled educator finds himself on a far shorter leash. Binghamton, NY’s Fox 40 reported the following earlier today, as per interim A.D. James Norris :

–    Broadus will not be allowed to make any off-campus recruiting trips.

–    Before any recruiting trip the coaching staff will have to seek approval from the Athletic Department compliance office.

All staff on recruiting trips were asked to return to Binghamton so the new rules could be implemented.

Not to be pedantic, but is Broadus allowed to make on-campus recruiting trips? Admittedly, there’s probably not much of a talent pool to choose from amongst Binghamton’s current student body, but surely they wanna suit up more than 5 or 6 players next season.