Miko Grimes (above, left), wife of Tampa Bay CB Brent Grimes has already established herself as a budding Twitter superstar (and by superstar, I mean someone very likely to take her account private once her rants go public). On Monday, Miko took it to an altogether different level, saying of her husband’s former paymasters, “Gotta respect (Dolphins owner Stephen) ross for keeping his jew buddies employed but did he not see how tannenbaum put the Jets in the dumpster w/that sanchez deal.”

Reached for comment by the Tampa Times’ Greg Auman, Grimes flatly denied she was trading in an ugly stereotype :

“What would I have against Jewish people?” she wrote to the Times in an exchange Monday afternoon. “Why is this the first time I’m being called anti-Semitic, as big as my mouth is, if I really have an issue with Jewish people? Is anything I said false? Do Jewish, Catholic, Christian and frat brothers, etc. hire their own people? … I was intending to offend the Dolphins, specifically Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum. Anyone else that chooses to dive in front of those bullets is their own fault.”

Asked about the insinuation that someone would get a job only because of religious ties, she did not back down from her stance.

“If you are a GM in the NFL and you happen to be Jewish, nine times out of 10 you will get another job if fired because the majority of the owners are Jewish and ‘rumor has it’ Jewish people take care of their own,” she wrote. “I’m actually quite envious of them. I think its dope!”

There’s no truth to the rumor that Matt Millen was spotted this afternoon being fitted for a size XXXL yarmulke.