(30 points and 7 rebounds coming off the bench for NY rookie C Channing Frye last night. Calvin Booth and Michael Ruffins’ views on the Iraq war are unknown).

From the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola, (link courtesy Lyle Hysen)

The pain and suffering from the Knicks’ season is written all over Maurice Taylor’s face. In three successive games, Taylor has received a cut on his head, a gash above his right eye and a nasty inch-long scratch from his nose to his cheek.

“Is that a record?” Taylor asked after scoring 12 points in the Knicks’ 113-92 victory over the Washington Wizards at the Garden last night. “That’s three in three games.”

“We have a bleeder,” Malik Rose yelled after seeing Taylor’s latest flesh wound.

Taylor looks like a boxer and nearly turned into one in the fourth quarter as he and Etan Thomas slapped at each other and began a long stare-down. After the final whistle, Thomas waited inside the hallway and the player who spoke out against the war in Iraq had to be restrained from going after Taylor.

“I thought he writes poetry,” Taylor said of Thomas.

Indeed, he does.