It’s been said more than once that free agents think twice before moving to a Boston team due to the intense level of scrutiny they’ll face from the local media.

Appropriately, the local media is under the odd bit of scrutiny, too, as evidenced by John Molori’s comments about WEEI’s Glen Ordway.

Theo Epstein is back, but the venom continues from many fronts, chiefly, WEEI™s Glenn Ordway. On Tuesday, during the crossover segment from œDale and Holley to his œBig Show, Ordway castigated the Red Sox.

In typical wise guy fashion, Ordway trashed the Red Sox for issuing a statement regarding Theo Epstein™s duties as opposed to holding a press conference.

Ordway stated that if the Red Sox did call a press conference, they would have to answer direct questions regarding Theo™s return. Ordway said that the Red Sox would not want to give straight answers related to Theo™s initial exit and his subsequent return. In short, Ordway was chastising the Red Sox for avoiding tough questions.

Talk about hypocrisy. Each Monday during the NFL season, Ordway plays host to perhaps the most evasive personality in the history of professional sports. This man has raised sidestepping tough questions to an art form. He is terse, uncompromising and, quite often, uncooperative during press conferences.

The man is Bill Belichick and Ordway has never once chastised the Patriots coach for these traits. The Patriots are looked upon by many as the premiere organization is sports, yet their most visible leader is more paranoid than Richard Nixon and Dan Duquette combined.

Where were Ordway™s harsh critiques of Belichick™s style during those Monday interviews? Where was that brash and condescending attitude that he has displayed since Epstein chose to return to the Red Sox? Ordway said this week that Epstein acted selfishly, and criticized him for his sudden return.

This is the same guy who completely vilified Boston Globe writer Dan Shaughnessy for supposedly causing Epstein to leave the Red Sox back in October of 2005. Ordway trashed Lucchino and the Red Sox for letting Epstein go. Now, he is trashing them for bringing him back. How do you win?

Ordway criticized the Red Sox for their press conference last week announcing that Epstein would return. Now, he is criticizing the club for not having a press conference. How do you win?

If you are Bill Belichick, you win by going on Ordway™s show each Monday and tolerating the often-inane questions offered by a bevy of cohosts

During the Tuesday crossover from the midday show, Ordway joked that instead of doing his show, he too might just issue a written statement every day. Go for it, Glenn. My ears could use the rest.