While Joe Torre’s been reduced to pleading with Bernie Williams to just-make-nice and turn up for Spring Training, the huge responsibility of setting the right tone of accountability at Legends Field was set earlier today by Mike Mussina…who proceeded to rip Carl Pavano. From Newsday’s Jim Baumbach.

I’m just looking at it from the way each thing happened and the timing of each, and you form your own evaluation,” Mussina said of Pavano’s past injuries. “It didn’t look good from a players and teammates standpoint. It didn’t look good. Was everything just coincidence? Over and over again? I don’t know.”

Mussina said he did not think Pavano (above) deserved the benefit of doubt, at least not from him.

“I want to see that he wants to do it,” Mussina said.

“As another starting pitcher who hasn’t been 100 percent the last two years, I know what it takes to go out and pitch,” Mussina said. “And I know when you cant go out there and pitch. Sometimes it’s a fine line. But I think after 15 years I kind of know where the line is.”

Asked if he thought he was the only player in the clubhouse who felt this way, Mussina said, “I don’t think so. Joe, the manager, seems to feel this way.”

Mets reliever Aaron Heilman tells the New York Daily News’ Adam Rubin he’s still keen to start, and who knows? With Jose Lima no longer in the Mets organization, Heilman’s big chance is probably just 5 or 6 injuries to other members of the staff away.

Oakland, you’re gonna love Lenny DiNardo. Or at least learn to respect him, greatly.

Ben Schwartz alert! The Cubs have sold advertising rights to Wrigley’s outfield walls to Under Armour.

NFSW Dept. : explicit photography showing how to remove the stitching from a New Era 59/50 cap looks suspiciously like footage from my vasectomy.