Like clockwork, every Monday I receive an email from a polite gent representing AOL’s Fanhouse section, requesting that I link to an item or two. Though I generally try to link to stuff I read (though not necessarily endorse), I do understand the Fanhouse is trying gamely to build an audience.

So with that in mind, here’s some linkage. The Fanhouse’s Ira Cohen has what we in the bloggity blog trade like to call a hard on for Virginia Tech, so much so that his laundry list of VT atrocities includes a lengthy summary of Marcus Vick’s track record. Along with dubbing ‘Lil Vick “Ron New Mexico” (no need to attribute the nickname to whoever came up with it), Cohen helpfully suggests “for the sake of the Virginia football and the world at large, keep your legs closed next time, Mrs. Vick.”

Tremendous stuff. By all means, Mrs. Cohen, keep your legs wide open so that you might continue to produce offspring capable of writing that is as witty as it is timely.