From the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick.

Remarkable. One radio station, 1050 ESPN-NY, has two, very different guys, both named Brandon Tierney.

There’s the Brandon Tierney who sidekicks, backslaps and rubber-stamps Stephen A. Smith during the week, the one called “B.T.” That Brandon Tierney (above) talks a lot of homey-hop, corner-jive, brutha-blab.

In fact, what he’s says doesn’t seem nearly as important as how he says it.

Then there’s the other Brandon Tierney (above), the one who seems to have become the unofficial voice of ESPN 1050 – he hosts ESPN Radio’s Knick wraparound shows in addition to providing color/analysis on St. John’s broadcasts.

That Brandon Tierney – “Brandon the Other” – plays it more button-down; he’s more eager to be heard as a wise man as opposed to a wise guy, a fellow who tries to make himself clear instead of slick.

They’re the same guy? Then which one is an act? Or might both be an act?

Uh, paging William Safire. Bill, what exactly is “homey-hop, brutha-blab”?