In one of the rare occasions when Phil’s point isn’t merely something that can be hidden under a hat, the New York Post’s Mushnick casts a torchlight on the enablers at WFAN and their handling of self-described addictive personality Sid Rosenberg.

Amazing how, overnight, Sid Rosenberg’s “personal issues,” which previously included gambling and substance abuse, went from lap dance-joint hilarious – the stuff that made him a valued foil for Don Imus and a star of WFAN’s all-day promos – to emergency-room serious.

WFAN reminds us of the casino that keeps plying a guy with booze while continuing to extend him tens of thousands of dollars in credit. The guy is neither a problem drinker nor a problem gambler, right up until he can’t pay his markers.

It’s the same as the Yankees feigning shock to learn Jason Giambi wasn’t naturally muscled.

Everyone in a leadership position at WFAN knew – long knew – that Rosenberg had serious “issues.” But they remained eager to try to cash in on them, to promote them, to display Rosenberg as the house fool, the house lout.

It makes for perverse comedy that WFAN has issued a statement claiming it’s fully behind Rosenberg as he seeks help. Truth is, WFAN always was behind him, giving him that extra shove, allowing him to serve as the station’s say-anything, do-anything crazy man and professional low-life.

Rosenberg’s only discernible, WFAN-enabled talent is gall, the nerve to proudly mouth vulgarities and defamations into a microphone. All for our listening pleasure, of course.

And while Rosenberg, Imus & Co., and WFAN found the personal problems of public figures to be food for cheap hilarity and ridicule, WFAN tells us Rosenberg’s problems are none of our business, what station GM Lee Davis calls “a personal matter.” And we’re expected to treat his problems with solemnity and sensitivity.

That, naturally, means showing respect for his family’s feelings and privacy at this difficult time. See how it works?

Oh, yeah, now that Rosenberg is on an open-ended leave, seeking help, WFAN, which was behind him all along, is behind him all the way.