A week ago, BYU’s home victory over San Diego State was aided in part by replay official Mike Angelis deciding a suspected fumble by RB JJ Di Luigi couldn’t conclusively be ruled as such.  When video evidence available to millions (fast forward to 1:45 into the above clip) indicated otherwise, the visitors’ hometown newspaper revealed that Angelis was working alongside a BYU alum in the replay booth. From the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Brent Schrotenboer ;

The MWC announced Friday that, effective immediately, it would ban school employees or alumni from working for the league in one of the three replay booth positions during games involving their schools™ teams.

The change came after The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that a BYU employee was working for the league replay booth in last week™s football game against SDSU in Provo. Another of the three replay staffers was said to be a BYU alum. Those revelations raised charges of conflicts of interest after all three were suspended by the league for the botched replay review of a missed fumble that led to BYU™s 24-21 win.

œWhen we found out about it, when you do good investigative work, we have to respond to that, SDSU Athletic Director Jim Sterk said.

Previously, such a ban only applied to on-field officials and the head replay official, who makes final judgments on whether to overturn calls on the field based on replay evidence.