For the 2nd occasion in 3 months, it’s time to recognize the quality work of Austin’s Misprint, proving with semi-regularity that deep insights can come from a printed mag that doesn’t feature American Apparel ads on the back cover. So far, anyway.

Disgraced congressman/former Top 8 buddy Mark Foley was spotted, not in rehab like they said on the news, but right here on Red River. It turns out that Foley, better known as “maf54”, while not asking underage dudes to measure their dicks, loves the rootsy alt-country act the Old 97’s. Apparently, he doesn’t realize the only people who go to see the Old 97’s are bearded 30-somethings who masturbate to Pavement and used to write records reviews for the Daily Texas. If he’s really into underage dudes, he should go check out a Crash Gallery show.