A slump-buster of an entirely different sort, as covered by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s La Velle E. Neal III.

What did Torii Hunter do after arguably the Twins’ worst game of the year? Grab a bat and helmet — and head for the shower.

The outfielder, with encouragement from catcher Mike Redmond, stripped down to his socks, put on the helmet, grabbed the bat and walked into the shower. It was his attempt to liven up a dead-silent clubhouse Thursday night after an 8-5 loss to Kansas City put the Twins 11 games behind the Chicago White Sox in the American League Central.

“Guys were in here acting like their dog died,” Hunter said.

So he went into the shower, swinging a bat and making teammates scramble. Still lacking clothes, he then marched down to the coaches room to ask for extra batting practice.

“They said no,” Hunter said. “What’s wrong with that? That may be the way I do my routine. I don’t know what’s going on here. When you ask for flips, you should be able to get more BP. If I want to go in there naked, does it matter?”

Redmond once took batting practice naked while with Florida in order to keep things loose. On Thursday, he offered to pitch to Hunter, naked.

“Whatever it takes,” Redmond said.