ESPN Radio’s Eric Kuselias is at it again. After previously announcing that this year’s NBA Playoffs were a non-event, then practically ejaculating on-air over the brilliance of the Suns/Spurs series, Kuselias today cut loose with the following revelations :

1) ratings for the NBA Finals are down 27% over last year (source : USA Today)
2) the game has an image problem (ie. rich guys with cornrows)
3) the acknowledged greatest player in the game (Tim Duncan) is duller than dirt

JFC, enough already. As I’ve said before, if Disney want a refund on their rights fees, let them have their lawyers take it up with David Stern instead of having their radio guys bore us to death about it. And there’s something just a little contradictory about howling each afternoon about the league’s assortment of bad characters and then burying Duncan (two rings and counting) for not being a quote machine.

So the ratings suck. Maybe watching Evander Holyfield taking dancing lessons is more exciting for some. But the fact remains that Kuselias and colleagues seem hellbent on hammering home the notion that the NBA is doomed. If ESPN would just run commercials promising the viewers that Tim Legler’s microphone had been unplugged, I bet the ratings would improve, if only slightly.