….because even if Tank Johnson were a tree, I wouldn’t care which kind. Tuesday’s day late and a dollar short edition of the Salisbury Stake Thru My Heart includes the following items :

1) Gannett Newspapers’ Craig Carton wrote yesterday, “We have to endure another week of the posturing and “Look at me yell and scream with authority about how much I know about the NFL.” It’s gotten so bad I can’t even watch ESPN anymore if Sean Salisbury is even mentioned. I played golf with Sean in Denver and he yelled at me for taking a one-inch gimme putt, quoting the integrity of the game or some other rule infraction nonsense. I didn’t like him then, and I like him less now.”

This isn’t quite news, but I’m always thrilled when someone other than a sportsblogger interrupts normal programing to take a gratuitious shot at someone more successful for personal reasons.

2) Dumptruck’s Seth Tiven alerts Bedazzled to a nasty bit of anti-semitism in the world of board games. Which is good, because I hear Sean Salisbury’s getting weary playing tennis on the Wii.

3) The spendiferous Sean Salisbury Online features an “NFL Women’s Page” (“Women enjoy playing all types of sports and enjoy being fans of many sports that they may never have played; such as football. Research shows that women would enjoy football games even more if they knew more about the rules and nuances of the game.”) Oh, you lucky, lucky ladies.