….temporarily, at least. Though there’s a bit of solid turnover news today, with the Raiders on the brink of naming James Lofton their new head coach, the day’s biggest NFL stories surround two franchises standing pat.

Despite not winning a postseason game since 2001, Brian Billick (above, left) has received an extension from the Ravens —length unknown (which begs the question, why announce the extension). And the much maligned Marty Schottenheimer will return to the sidelines for San Diego in 2007, though Pro Football Talk claims Schottenheimer turned down an extension that would’ve secured his services through 2008.

Today’s pleasant message from a publicity flak for Browns owner Randy Lerner : if you continue to criticize the owner, he might sell the team. Sounds like a good deal for everyone, then.

An 8-8 finish was good enough for the Bengals to raise ticket prices next season. First person to say something about raising bail money is banned from the comment section for the rest of the week. Lost amidst the news the NFL wants nothing to do with Britney Spears is the far more alarming notion that Chad Johnson would invite Rascal Flatts to a party.

While the combined forces of the New England Patriots and Marcus Giles brought the bad sportsmanship vibes to Qualcomm last Sunday, rest assured Bolts fans need no provocation whatsoever.