From CBS :

The NFL added $10 million to its medical fund for retired players Wednesday, designating the money for joint replacement surgery, cardiovascular screening and assisted living.

The sum will be added to a $7 million fund agreed upon in July by the league and its players’ union. It will be supplemented by money from player fines, plus contributions from the NFL Players Association and other retired players groups.

This is the latest step in a dispute concerning retired players and their pensions. Last year, a group of prominent retirees targeted Gene Upshaw (above), the NFLPA’s executive director, for paying too much attention to current players and not enough to former players.

On the contrary, Gene Upshaw has paid plenty of attention to former players. He takes note of their criticism, and threatens to break their necks.

While I’m sure any improvement over the prior package is welcome, guys like Bob Kraft floss their teeth with $10 million. Heck, even Rick Reilly can make that kind of money.