My fave ESPN NFL chat Q&A snippet of the day :

If there’s any consolation, I’m pretty sure Vince Neil isn’t making the Pro Bowl for similar reasons.

I’m still trying to decide what Ron Dayne’s other-worldy performance today says the state of the planet. Either 2nd (third?) acts are still very much possible in American life, or the Colts’ rushing defense is brutally poor.

Even Gil Meche and Jason Marquis are wondering why Tampa Bay was so eager to sign Chris Simms to a new, 2-year deal. Not only did Tim Rattay tear Da Bears apart last week, his drumming passing has been competent today against Cleveland.

They’ve just started the 4th quarter in Buffalo, and the Titans are trailing the Bills, 29-20. You’ve got ’em right where you want ’em, Vince.

Seriously, if you thought St. Louis/Washington was going to be the most exciting 1pm game of the day, I’d like to put you in charge of my investment portfolio. Either you, or Lenny Dykstra. There’s a guy I know who started Brett Favre instead of Marc Bulger on his fantasy team, and his resemblance to me is a little too close for comfort.

Save for an early TD bomb to Plaxico Fantastico, Eli Manning has struggled mightily against the Saints, as the Giants are staring at a 20-7 deficit entering the 4th quarter. Though Big Blue have managed to prevent Drew Brees from putting up his typically gaudy numbers (he’s a modest 13 for 31, 132 yards, one TD pass to Hofstra’s rookie of the year candidate Marcus Colston), Reggie Bush has rushed for 106 yards on 18 carries, and confirmed yet again to all of the Houston fans paying attention….that someday, he’ll be just as dependable as Ron Dayne.