Is Chris Simms still playing at the Georgia Dome today? And if so, why?

Maybe I shouldn’t have bet the milk money on the Vikings having an easy time with the sans-Steve Smith Panthers. That’s ok, I don’t really like milk that much.

(ADDENDUM : I’ll be reading the Minneapolis/St. Paul papers tomorrow, eagerly looking for signs of the burgeoning Ryan Longwell/Brad Johnson QB controversy)

Even Patrick Ewing thinks Roy Williams oughta be more discriminating when it comes to making wild promises. While Williams has 6 catches for the Lions, Rex Grossman’s having a career day for the Bears (20 for 27, 4 TD’s, 277 yards), as Chicago leads, 34-7 with about 10 minutes left.

I made that comment about Philly having a competent defense before Amani Toomer managed to catch a TD pass from Eli Manning unmolested. As the day has wore on, there’s been far more molestation taking place in Philadelphia. Some of it on the football field, too.

I don’t know which is more amazing, that the Packers are hanging around with the Saints or that Joe Horn actually caught a pass today.

Buffalo’s Ryan Denny has sacked Daunte Culpepper 3 times today in Miami. If the Dolphins start the year 0-2, I’m praying that Nick Saban will claim these games are all about evaluating talent.

Full credit to Art Shell where it is due : the Oakland head coach finally saw fit to remove Aaron Brooks as his starting QB. True, it took a shoulder injury just after the game began, but are the circumstances really the most important thing?

The Colts are humiliating the Texans, but the Houston Chronicle’s Richard Justice has found a silver lining.

The Texans were a different offensive team after Ron Dayne entered the game. OK, I’m grasping at straws, but it’s something. The Texans had -8 yards in two drives with Wali Lundy as the featured back. Their first three drives with Dayne netted 37, 5 and 55 yards and the first points of the game. They still didn’t get a touchdown, but it’s something.