Giants 30, Eagles 24 (OT)

Wow.  23 unanswered points for Big Blue, and the deadly 0-2 start is narrowly averted. Eli might be as wooden a commercial pitchman as Jim Rice in his prime, but he’s got the 4th quarter no-fear genes to spare.

OK, that’s vaguely racialist.  He might be halfway intelligent under pressure, too. If Jeremy Shockey gets open more than once every two hours, Manning cracks 450 yards in the air, easy.

Tedy Bruschi returned to the Patriots lineup today after suffering a broken wrist in training camp.  The mere presence of a battered, former stroke victim alongside billion year-old Junion Seau has stymied the Jets offense thus far today, as New England leads, 17-0 at the half.  Of the Belichick/Mangini faceoff, CBS’ James Brown declared “the mentor is getting the best of the mentee.”

I believe the word JB was looking for was “protégé”.  Then again, we should acknowledge that Brown has a leadership position, and this might be a subtle way of taking the heat off Shannon Sharp.