Mets 7, Dodgers 5 (top of the 8th)

It was Metal Mike who once posed the question, “Where’s Mota?” Right up there, San Diego catcher, blowing away Olmedo Saenz with James Loney on first in the last of the 7th. The Mets went bloop-crazy off Dodger reliever Jonathan Broxton in the last of the 6th, scoring 3 times to take a 7-5 lead. Bad, bad things happen to baseball teams that pitch around Michael Tucker in the year 2006.

(UPDATE : top of the 8th, Johnny Drama Chris Woodward doubled to left, advanced to 2nd on Reyes’ sac fly, then scored on Lo Duca’s droopy single to right. Mets 8, Dodgers 5. Red Ass took 2nd on Tomko’s balk, and it’s all coming apart for Grady’s guys. Things are shaping up nicely for Heilman in the last of the 9th, Country Time in the 9th)

(UPDATE DOS : Beltran walked, Saito relieved Tomko, who induced Carlos Delgado to hit a grounder to Betemit. Sadly for LA, Wilson must think Lt. Dangle looks 3 feet taller on Comedy Central, and his throw sailed into right field, allowing Boogie Shoes to scamper home. Mets 9, Dodgers 5. Someone in the Fox production department favors the Black Keys’ “10 A.M. Automatic” when replaying old Mets celebration highlights. No disrespect to Akron’s Auerbach and Carney, but Flushing has a musical history, too.

7 words that no right-thinking baseball fan should ever have to hear : “Let’s check in again with Jeanne Zelasko.”)