Mets 6, Dodgers 5 (Mets lead the series , 1-0)

I believe it was the wonderful Swedish duo Roxette that sang that pretty song about how they could do things “nice and easy” or “nice and rough.”

Country Time doesn’t strike me as being a Roxette kinda guy, but he was nice and rough in the 9th inning, allowing a run, two doubles, yet stranding the tying run on 2nd while blowing away Nomar Garciaparra (above). And not for the first time, the on-deck Lt. Dangle is left holding his night stick in front of a braying mob.

Willie Randolph was asked if he’d ever seen anything like Dangle and Drew being thrown out at home on the same play. Randolph correctly ID’d his Yankee teammates Bobby Meachum and Dale Berra being tagged out by Carlton Fisk in 1985, though denied having been involved in a similar play during his ’92 tenure as a Mets infielder. Elias Koteas Sports Bureau, please save us!