Your road-weary editor will be attending Saturday evening’s welterweight collision between Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito, and No Mas’ Large has reviewed the former’s ’07 bouts against Zab Judah and Shane Mosley, along with tapes of Margarito’s fights with Kermit Cintron, Joshua Clottey and Paul Williams.  The verdict? “Cotto is in a different league, a league that right now I think may only have one other occupant, and it sure as hell ain™t Margo. It’s Money-O”

Cotto/Mosley was contested at such a high level in almost every facet at which a fighter can excel that it makes Margarito™s bout with Cintron seem like Toney/Rahman. At one point during the middle rounds of Cotto/Mosley, Jim Lampley says something like, œthis is one of those fights where you just sit back and think that it™s simply amazing that human beings can do this, and to that I say hear hear. The shit is absolutely mindblowing.

Meanwhile, Margo was outspeeded by Josh Clottey and Paul Williams, crafty fighters, neither of them in Judah or Mosley™s league. I™ll give you my two cents right now – I don™t know about Zab because you never know how he™ll fare late into a fight, but I really don™t think Margarito could beat Mosley, not the Mosley who came to fight Cotto last November. Honestly, I think he™d get killed. I don™t think he™d get knocked out, but I think he™d get schooled and lose a lopsided decision. The speed exchange rate is horrifyingly to his deficit.

I’m sure the promoters of Saturday’s card at the MGM Grand are well aware they’re going head to head with a Brad Penny bobblehead giveaway at Cashman Field, yet strangely, they’ve done nothing to adjust ticket prices.  I’m equally certain the Dodgers would allow their PCL affiliate to give away the living-breathing Jason Schmidt at Saturday’s game were it legal to do so.