CBS’s Gary Parish would like everyone to know that he recognizes famous people. Other than Gregg Doyel (link swiped from The Big Lead).

So Gregg Doyel and I are leaving a place of business late Sunday night/early Monday morning, right after they started turning on lights and asking folks to close tabs. That was our cue. So we’re walking back to our hotel and suddenly realize we don’t know where our hotel is.

Naturally, Gregg decides to ask a man for assistance, and the first man he sees is a well-known college basketball coach who is waiting on a cab with a gorgeous woman. Gregg says hello to the coach, exchanges pleasantries and then goes on to introduce himself to the coach’s wife. Problem is, this woman was not the coach’s wife. And boy did that make for an awkward moment.

And there you have it, folks.  The next time someone suggests working for a mainstream media outlet requires serious training, credentials, journalistic accountability, etc. , be certain to recall the shining moment above.