Remember folks, you can’t spell “therapist” without combining, “the” and “rapist”. From Page Six’s Dareth Gregorian and Jennifer Fermino : (link culled from The Feed)

A former Mets massage therapist who was busted for allegedly sexually assaulting a customer also got some major-league thrills by holding swingers’ parties and X-rated video shoots in his East Side spa, a sensational lawsuit claims. The papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court add a new woe for Carlos Araque and his Essential Therapy spa. Another physical therapist, Marty Jaramillo, said he subleased space from Araque because he “represented that he was a duly licensed massage therapist, that his reputation as that of Essential was stellar,” and that being associated with him would be good for business.

Jaramillo said he soon found the opposite to be true earlier this year, when he opened up The Post and saw a story saying that Araque had been arrested for violating a woman during a massage at the East 25th Street spa, allegedly penetrating her manually and performing oral sex on her after she fell asleep on the table.

Araque, 44, who’d worked sporadically for the Mets for two years and treated the likes of Jose Reyes and Mike Piazza, was also charged with a felony – for giving massages without a license.

Though it is somewhat refreshing to read about a Mets connection to some kind of zipper problem that doesn’t involve Steve Phillips or David Cone, I am very hopeful the club will remain convinced of the therapeutic benefits of a good rubdown. So with that in mind, I’d like to personally recommend the services of Mr. Charlie Hull (above), formerly of Royston Vasey’s Spit & Polish. Though my softball wizardry might not approach that of say, Evan Roberts, who knows how many games my team(s) would’ve forfeited over the years were it not for this skilled technician’s busy hands?