Director Uwe Boll challenged his critics to a fight. 15 of ’em, incredibily, accepted. From, link courtesy Sam Frank who describes Boll’s “BloodRayne” as “abysmal. ‘Alone In The Dark’ is worse.”

First in the ring with the director — now dubbed “Raging” Boll — was Richard Kyanka of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, webmaster of He entered the ring clad in Stars and Stripes shorts.

“You are harboring a terrorist,” he said of Boll to the Canadian crowd of about 600. “You are all guilty.” Boll, grim-faced, KO’d him in the first round.

Jeff Sneider of Los Angeles, a journalist with Ain’t It Cool News, went down in a technical knockout in the first round after his trainer threw in the towel.

He said Boll, 41, had told him it was just a joke, a public relations stunt.

“Then he started beating the crap out of my head,” he said. “I think he’s a jerk. This might be PR but I don’t want to keep getting punched in the head.”

Chris Alexander of Toronto, Ontario, a horror-move journalist with Rue Morgue radio and magazine, also went down in a knockout, but not before making an artistic statement.

While on the receiving end of a series of blows to the head, Alexander took Boll aback when a stream of blood spewed from his mouth. It turned out Alexander had taken a page from Boll’s filmmaking book; the blood was fake.

“I had the fake blood in reserve,” he explained.