From the AP’s Cara Rubinsky :

“As a parent, I find it appalling and abhorrent that a Web site would so poorly police its pages,” Attorney General Richard Blumenthal said. “This Web site is a parent’s worst nightmare.”

McKenna said none of the Middletown incidents appeared to have been violent. He said the girls, ages 12 to 16, say they were fondled or had consensual sex with men who turned out to be older than they claimed.

In one case, McKenna said, a man traveled more than 1,000 miles to meet a Connecticut girl whose profile was posted on the site.

He said it is difficult to determine the exact number of victims because some girls have been reluctant to disclose that they met their assailants online.

Though I’m not a parent, I share McKenna’s concerns for the welfare of our young people. And with that in mind, I urge McKenna and his colleagues in law enforcement to do everything in their power to shut down these “social networking” sites, along with outlawing electronic mail, telephones, newspapers, pencils, paper and anything else a person under the age of 18 might use to communicate with an adult.