Simply because Mets starter / universal folk hero Bartolo Colon has demonstrated he can hit a home run in MLB competition, does not necessarily mean he oughta to be representing himself in a court of law. According to the New York Post’s Julia March, Colon is facing legal action from a woman who claims she’s raising two of the hurler’s “love children” (Marsh’s words, not mine), while married to his wife of more than two decades, Roseanne.

Colon — who has earned more than $100 million in his career — sired the children with Alexandra Santos, 38, while he was also playing the dutiful family man with wife Rosanna and their four sons.

The MLB star has never publicly acknowledged the 7-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son he had with Santos, who filed suit a year ago demanding child support.

“Mr. Colon obviously is a very talented baseball player and he earns a significant income, and we believe that his children should share in the lifestyle they would have enjoyed had their parents remained together,” Santos’ attorney Evan Schein told The Post.

Colon — who earned the ironic nickname “Big Sexy” because of his pudgy, 5-foot-11, 285-pound frame — was in Manhattan court Monday facing Santos in their child-support battle, which was listed in official papers as “Anonymous v. Anonymous.” It was Colon’s own fault that his cover was blown. Because he briefly represented himself in the custody dispute, his name was listed as an attorney in the case, sabotaging the “anonymous” shield the former couple had been granted by a judge.