(* – less than $30.00 USD)

There’s a classic call to the (pre independence) Best Show in which Andy Earles purports to be a booking agent of some repute trying to sell Tom on a succession of thoroughly brutal package tours (ie. “how much would you pay to see The Darling Buds and The Ocean Blue?”).

I kinda feel like Tim Jonze’s Guardian piece on what to cherry pick from what sounds like a thoroughly brutal CD collection is an unintended sequel to that phone call.

“Not many people had been personally sent an album from prison by Jonathan King with a note explaining that he was innocent of sex crimes against children – should I keep that?”

What, you’re too cheap to get it framed?

I don’t mean to pick on Tim Jonze – who I do not know and is probably an alright guy (his Beatles/Cribs joke was pretty good, actually). But not once in my life have I ever asked myself if it was necessary to own multiple copies of this LP because OF COURSE IT FUCKING IS.