The Memphis Commercial Appeal’s Gary Parish catches up with 2006’s Conference USA Freshman Of The Year, F Shawne Williams (Memphis), currently engaged in private workouts with prospective NBA employers.

Parish makes mention of Williams’ enrollment at the $20,000-a-week Athletes’ Performance facility, along with his recent hookup with the Immortal agency.

Omitted from the story, however, is the hotter-than-hot factoid that Williams might become the first NBA Lottery Pick whose agent got into a fistfight with Iron Maiden’s manager.

The New York Post’s Peter Vescey, not at all resentful that someone else has a national television gig, takes aim at Scottie Pippen.

Last week Pippen demonstrated an urgent need for a cane for his brain. Hopelessly removed from reality, he questioned Nash’s MVP credentials, claiming three sub-par games against the Clippers, exposed him as unworthy of the award.

I hadn’t heard anything so unintelligent since the last time Sir Cumference opened his mouth and brayed on TNT.

Just wait until Stephen A. Material finds out Pippen has stolen his best blather.

In a previous segment, Pippen declared LeBron James better than Michael Jordan . . . at an equivalent age, I assume, maybe not. I’m actually down with that similar age premise. But, for most, comparing Kobe Bryant or James to His Airness is a stone sacrilege.

A source claims Pippen was asked off camera if he was for real? Ahem, or just looking to stir things up?

“Not only am I serious about LeBron being better,” Pippen blithered, “I believe I was better than Michael.”

Which was more amazing last night, Miami’s wild, close-but-no-cigar comeback or the performance of their venerable Sixth Man?