A Mets or Yanks fan paying tribute to the Phillies? GC’s gracious congrats to me aside, it just doesn’t seem possible. From the New York Times:

The parade drew fans from beyond the region, too.

Greg Packer, 44, of Huntington, N.Y., drove in for Game 5 of the World Series and stayed for the celebration. He arrived on Broad Street near City Hall at 5 a.m. to secure what he considered the best spot.

œIn New York right now, we have no Mets, no Yankees, no stadiums, he said. œI came here to represent and cheer our neighbors.

Attytood’s Will Bunch was quick to see the problem:

There are three things certain in life — death, taxes, and newspaper quotes from “regular Joe” man-on-the-street Greg Packer. The 44-year-old water treatment plant worker from Long Island is a living legend in the news business for getting quoted, usually up in the Big Apple.  

And (quoting Editor and Publisher):

In June 2003, the Associated Press circulated a memo instructing its reporters not to quote Packer in any more stories, saying the media had been over-relying on him.