OK, that’s not exactly what the defending Western Conference champs said to Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist / sometimes hoops blogger, Flea.  But as Ball Don’t Lie’s Kelly Dwyer reports, the Thunder rejected a request by  history’s most annoying bass player the Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer to tour the team’s locker room during his band’s visit to the Chesapeake Energy Arena Monday night.

As Dwyer points out , this might not be the most reasonable expectations on the part of RHCP (“if the Chili Peppers owned their own studio or practice facility and rented out the space to other bands while they were away, the last thing Flea would want is some visiting musician to pull a bass off the wall hanger for a slap and tickle”), but I prefer to look at this way : many of us have thought and long and hard if there was anything that could make us look favorably upon Clay Bennett. Disrespecting Flea does nothing to mitigate Bennett’s crimes against Seattle….but it’s a great start!