Brad Lidge and Chad Qualls conspired to waste a terrific performance by Roy Oswalt last night, the former blowing his first save of the season when former Met Xavier Nady blasted a game-tying homer in the 9th inning of Pittsburgh’s 4-2 win over Houston.  The funny thing is, I saw Nady’s HR and have watched the replay a couple of times, and Lidge isn’t kidding when he insists the X-Man hit a good pitch. This wasn’t anything like the ball Lidge grooved to Hunter Pence last week in Round Rock. When and if the Astros are finally ready to pull the plug on their closer, I’ll bet there’s someone out there (perhaps a man who won’t remove his windbreaker) who can straighten him out.

There’s at least one man in the Boston area who had a terrific time yesterday watching Curt Schilling get knocked around by the Royals.

The Philadelphia Daily News’ Sam Donellon is dismayed at Aaron Rowand being booed at the conclusion of Philly’s 5-3 loss to Atlanta Monday, and the caring, sharing Brett Myers did his best to mend the rift after the game.

“I just hope that they can stick with us all year,” Myers said in the Phillies clubhouse late yesterday afternoon. “Not every game is going to be pretty. There could be a stretch like last year where we had like 10 [losses] in a row and they’re all on our back. They just need to be with us through the good and the bad.”

“Like I said before, I feel like these fans are my family,” Myers said. “Family never gets on family.”

Well, you’d hope not.