Perhaps provoked by accusations the he turns a blind eye towards his employer’s offenses, the New York Post’s Phil Mushnick rebounds Sunday morning with as many as 4 negative comments about Fox.

Last Monday, Francesa and Chris Russo pounded this columnist, claiming, “He never knocks his own house.” Of course, it’s not always easy to distinguish their ignorance from their dishonesty. That very day, and the day before that, this space was loaded with a bashing of Fox’s baseball coverage. Or do they think there are two Rupert Murdochs?

Gratefully, Fox has rid itself ” and us ” of those day-glo ads and promos that it superimposed on the backstop during last Saturday’s Yanks-Red Sox. Such advanced technology did exactly what it was supposed to do; it made the ads in the background easier to see than the game in the foreground.

A Fox promo that appeared shortly after 8 p.m. during Thursday’s Astros-Braves was indescribably, unprintably vulgar. When will TV execs realize that that they can no longer shock us, that all they can do is disgust us, make us despise their network. Consider Fox Sports Net, which, since its start, has aimed low ” with nothing in return except a bad reputation.

Though I rarely find myself in agreement with Mushnick (above), I too, thought the promo in question (showing Ernie Anastos fellating himself) was a little much for family viewing.