“I respect whatever he wants to do, but I’m obviously not going to sneak up on him when he is in his car,” says Baltimore teammate Matt Albers of Glock-owning OF Luke Scott. The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec helpfully gives Scott an opportunity to explain himself, and finds the former Astro telling for at least the 2nd time, a tale about the time a stranger asked him for money. Thankfully, Scott left out any details about Hurricane Katrina refugees on this occasion (Sun link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

“Talk to me about the gun situation,” manager Dave Trembley said to Scott.

Trembley, who has never fired a gun and joked that he wouldn’t know the difference between a water pistol and a BB gun, had read about Scott’s thoughts on gun control and about how the player almost always carries a concealed firearm.

He very quickly said to me, ‘Second Amendment, right to bear arms,’ ” Trembley recalled. “He said it’s not a big deal. He’ll never have one here. To me, it’s a nonissue.”

“People that know me, they know they don’t have anything to worry about,” Scott said. “I’m not going to go around shooting people.”

Scott told of one situation several years back when he was at a Houston gas station and was confronted by a man carrying a shank.

“I didn’t pull my gun on him,” Scott said. “I would have if he had gotten close enough, and I would have shot him if he wouldn’t have backed off. But all I had to do was lift up my shirt and put my hand on [the gun] and I said, ‘Can I help you?’ He stopped in his tracks. Who knows what that saved me?”

Curiously, Scott made no mention of anyone wielding a weapon the last time he told this harrowing story. But who knows? Maybe misremembering details is contagious in the Astros organization?