From the Washington Post’s Jorge Arangure Jr.

David Newhan is convinced a 16-year-old fan cost the Baltimore Orioles a win on Friday night.

In the sixth inning of Friday’s 2-1 loss a spectator identified by the Baltimore Sun as Will Bogen of Jarrettsville, Md., reached over his seat in the left-center field bleachers and gloved a ball on a drive hit by the Rockies’ Todd Helton that Newhan appeared ready to make a play on.

“My glove was right there and I was going to catch that ball,” Newhan (above) said.

“I saw the ball the whole way coming in and I was right there and I thought I was right on it. All of a sudden I’m on the warning track trying to figure out what happened. I heard it hit a glove, but I didn’t feel it hit my glove.

“The unfortunate thing is that I’m putting my body on the line and there’s a chance of injury and all to help our team win.”

Bogen told the Sun he didn’t think Newhan would have made the catch.

“He’s hurting our chances to make the playoffs and get to the World Series,” Newhan said. “He could have possibly taken a ring away from 25 guys in this clubhouse, possibly, depending on what happens the rest of the summer. Because that was the ballgame right there.”

Newhan was sent to Class AAA Ottawa after Saturday’s game.