While Rob Perri’s fantastic “I’m Keith Hernandez” has received prior mention in this space, kudos to the Village Voice’s Mike Clancy for taking the time to quiz the filmmaker :

VV: Why did you decide to blend in some fictional elements into the narrative? They™re very conscious¦

RP: I think in today™s age it™s like, what is really real and what is¦ I see news things that are just totally false. And because it™s on the news people believe it. So I wanted to play with the documentary formula, and see how people would respond to that. So is this real or is that fake? Some of the things that are real, people think are fake. Some of these things that are sort of innocuous that are fake and people would think they were real just because of the way I was presenting it to them.

VV: And what about the interplay between Hernandez and Good and Strawberry? There™s kind of a sinister element to it too, you know?

RP: I think that™s really interesting. The way I feel about it, I just always pictured it that way. I just always pictured Hernandez as that guy on the team. Along with, you know¦ Bobby Ojeda was involved. I just know that these people were involved. You just know it, no matter what else happened. But I think it™s an interesting thing. Why is it that Hernandez comes out and stays and has a job and some of these guys are kind of in trouble now? Really what I think is that Hernandez had some people looking out for him. I think these guys were so young that they really didn™t know what the hell was going on and they didn™t have people looking out for them. What do they know, you know what I mean? They™re making a lot of money. They think it™s going to last forever. I don™t think I was trying to paint like a sinister picture there, but I wanted to get that point across that there™s casualties in this as well.

(link taken from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)