If White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen had his druthers, he’d not be making a crosstown visit to Wrigley Field later this week. From the Daily Herald’s Tim Sassons.

To many, it™s beautiful Wrigley Field. To Guillen, it™s the last place he wants to take his team.

œI love to go there and play the game, but I don™t go to visit the ballpark, Guillen said Sunday. œI don™t like Wrigley Field ¦ sorry. If you™re the fans, you like to go there. Don™t get me wrong now. But if you go there to work, it™s a terrible locker room. You™ve got to walk through people. It™s just horrible.

œIt™s a great ballpark to watch a game. If you™re a fan going to Wrigley Field to enjoy yourself and enjoy a baseball game, awesome. But if you are going to work, it™s terrible.

œThe clubhouse is like two miles from the dugout. They don™t have a bathroom in the dugout just in case you got to do something real quick. You™ve got to walk all the way down and all the way back. The dugout is so small. The bullpen, you can™t even see your pitchers warming up.

Guillen said the White Sox already have had two staff meetings on how they can get away quickly from Wrigley Field and to O™Hare Airport following Sunday™s series finale for their flight to Anaheim.

œWe™ve had two meetings already to see how we™re going to get out of there quicker and we can™t figure it out, Guillen said. œI have a headache already. We have no parking space for the bus.

As for parking his own car at the park, if it™s anything like last year, Guillen says forget about it.

œThere™s no parking lot, Guillen said. œIt™s a pain in the butt when you can™t park. You™d think Dusty Baker would give me one of his spaces. Last year, I had to park in McDonald™s somewhere, and I™m the manager of the team. Dusty Baker has to park right next to me when he comes to us.

Last year™s subway series was hyped by the sandwich chain of the same name. Guillen and Baker each designed sandwiches, with a portion of the sale of them going to charity, but there is no such promotion this year.

œI don™t think we™re going to do it this year and it™s a bad thing because we were helping people with that money, Guillen said. œI want the $5,000 for charity because I know we™re going to win (the contest). South Siders, they eat more than North Siders.