Jim Brown recently castigated Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan for the duo’s seeming disinterest in being agents for social change, prompting the following retort from Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio yesterday.

Other than Brown, we™re having trouble thinking of many/any athletes of any race or creed or ethnicity in the past generation who have risked compromising their careers in the name of promoting social progress. 

Indeed, most athletes have opted to tread cautiously when it comes to things that potentially could undermine their earning power.

Hey, how about Ira Newbie? Steve Nash? Etan Thomas? Carlos Delgado? Seriously MIke, I realize it’s hard to gather all the hot NFL stories and still find time to relentlessly shill for a cell phone company, but it’s not totally unheard of for an athlete to risk the ire of sponsors and media while trying to-do-the-right-thing.