Presumably Lakers head coach Phil Jackson considers snowboarding a less than therapeutic pursuit, sharing the following diagnosis of Vladimir Radmanovic (21 points, 14 rebounds against Sacramento, Sunday) with the Press-Enterprise’s Broadrick Turner :

Jackson, who has called Radmanovic “space cadet” and “my favorite Martian,” was at it again after the game.

“We have a guy that’s a team psychologist that comes, and Vladdy turns him down all the time,” Jackson said. “I tell him, ‘You really need someone to get in there and work with your head because no one has been able to do anything with your head for a while. Something is wrong with it.’…

(Assistant coach) Brian Shaw tells me you got to slap him up alongside the face to get him to play hard. … We kind of kid him about that, but I think he was serious about the game.”

Radmanovic didn’t back down.

“We’re working on our anger management,” he said. “Phil is Jack and I’m the other guy. So we worked on it today.”