Well, sort of.  Undeterred by the SEC’s failure to place a team in the Men’s Final Four, past, present & future Angry Samoans vocalist Mike Saunders expressed considerable displeasure with the penultimate episode of VH-1’s “Rock Of Love 2” via his MySpace blog.

Top 3 Reasons Bret Michaels Is A Pussy

(1) he™s in shock when women lie about their age. duuuh all women are required to after the age of 30, it™s a side effect of the flouridated drinking water or something. jesus what a pussy. he™s 44 and craps his diapers when “youre youre youre 37??? not 32???”

2) he even gives a shit if two “ex™s” fooled around even once in the last two years. DUUUUDE you stupid. it™s a “sub-booty call.” jesus fucking christ what a little pussy.

3) the tattoo underneath his surgically-implanted bandana that says “i am a sniveling little chickenshit pussy.”

when i am God for a week, i am assigning 100 per cent of all Poison songwriting royalties to CC Deville, who wrote the riffs, and fining chickenshit Bret (who wrote most of the usually crummy words) for using/abusing any of the air that the rest of us could be breathing

3a) oh and a 5 bazillion dollar yearly fine in perpetuity for word-vomiting the non-word “MEDIOCRACY” not once, but once in EACH SEASON, of Rock Of Love/VH1.
you thought i was talking about the upcoming Oklahoma hairmetal festival or something?