From the The Last True Believer, Phil Mushnick in today’s NY Post :

A new policy will be in place at WFAN, effective today. Callers to the “Know-It-All and the Village Idiot Show” will now be asked, before going on the air, for their phone numbers and addresses.

Thus, callers who are, in any combination, unfairly trashed, bullied, shouted down, ridiculed and cut off by Mike Francesa and/or Chris Russo ” such as the caller Francesa buried Tuesday for providing data on MLB doubleheaders that turned out (as intelligent listeners immediately knew) to be correct ” can be contacted by program director Mark Chernoff.

Chernoff will then provide a “just between us” apology and, as a further conciliatory gesture, offer the caller a Vermont Teddy Bear (limited to the first dozen unfairly abused callers, each week).

WFAN’s public stance on what Francesa or Russo did or did not say to callers and invited guests will remain: They didn’t say it. And to prove it, WFAN will continue to fail to tape that particular segment.

(resemblance aside, not related to Phil)

Much as Francesca and Russo induce an almost instant migrane whenever I have the misfortune of hearing them, I don’t object to WFAN’s new policy. Those old enough to remember the fate of Denver talk radio host Alan Berg (above) are well aware there any number of kooks who might take exception to Mike & Chris’ radical social views.

At least that’s what I was counting on.