(with the benefit of penicillin, I bet the Babe would’ve hit at least 900 HR’s)

Congrats, Howard Eskin. Your minions were out in full force at Citizens Bank Park last night, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea.

Philadelphia still lived up to its bad-boy image with rowdy fans spewing in much greater detail than mellow Milwaukee, Barry Bonds’ previous stop. While in left field, Bonds repeatedly turned to check out the bleacher bums, who chanted things such as, “per-jur-ee-ee,” and held signs such as, “Babe Ruth did it with hot dogs and beer.”

The pregame announcement about how the Phillies “will not tolerate fans using foul language” was drowned out by “Barry sucks” chants.

“People say Phillies fans are too harsh,” Mike Azzalina, 19, said. “We just love our team so much, we don’t want anyone coming in here and disgracing the game.”

Indeed, Phillies fans are amongst the most discriminating when it comes to their embrace of persons who are a credit to baseball ; Lenny Dykstra, Pete Rose, John Kruk, etc.

Moises Alou suffered a sprained ankle last night and is expected to be out for nearly two weeks. Not that Lance Niekro or Steve Finley aren’t great protection in the batting order for Barry. Philly’s Ryan Madson faces the Giants’ Jamey Wright later tonight.

The Detroit News’ Tom Gage reports that Jim Leyland is selling his Pittsburgh home and is moving to the Detroit area. I’m surprised — I’d previously read that greyhound racing was illegal in Michigan.