Ever wanted to hear an album that totally challenged your existing notions of “rock”, “punk” or whatever?  Have you stayed awake at night, wondering when you’d be introduced to a band capable of not only reinventing the wheel, but coming up with a much bigger, bumpier wheel that had you reassessing your value system, if not the state of the entire planet?

If so, I’d have to assume you’re kind of a mess. Until such an album comes along, you’ll have to settle for Cruddy’s ‘Negative World’, the long awaited debut LP from an Austin trio who’ve left much damage (if not warped copies of ‘Damaged’) in their wake over the past two years. One prior 7″, a cassette and a song on Casual Victim Pile II  were miserable research material for what someone (HEY, OVER HERE) believes is one of the sickest records of 2011. Featuring current or not-so-current members of Uppers, Serious Tracers, Total Abuse and Best Fwends (hey, just because something is factually correct doesn’t mean it isn’t wildly misleading), recorded by The Young’s Hans Zimmerman, and includes a cover of the Suicide Commandos’ “Burn It Down”.

First 100 copies are on 180 gr. red viny
l ; the rest on 180 gr. black. All of ’em come with a download code. Digital versions available from iTunes and Bandcamp on 10/25.  Persons unmoved by the above blurb can catch Cruddy in action on the following dates :

9/3 – 29th St. Ballroom (with Women In Prison, Rayon Beach, Best Fwends)
9/5 – Club 1808 (with Black Gum)
9/21 – Trailer Space (with Holy Shit!, Recide, Your Pest Band)