With apologies to Graeme Downes for the above headline, earlier today the Daily News’ Marc Feinsand claimed “One of the questions that appears most frequently in my inbox is what song players have chosen to walk to the plate or warm up to.” Proving either that Yankee fans are culturally ignorant or too cheap to purchase Shazam for the iPhones.  Either way, Feinsand graciously supplied his findings on this important topic :

Derek Jeter: œCandy – Cameo
Nick Johnson: œParty in the U.S.A. – Miley Cyrus
Mark Teixeira: œI Wanna Rock – Twisted Sister
Alex Rodriguez: œOn to the Next One – Jay-Z
Robinson Cano: œRun this Town – Jay-Z
Jorge Posada: Unknown Song (supplied by Jorge on CD)

Curtis Granderson: œLookin™ for the Perfect Beat – Africa Bambaataa
Nick Swisher: œBeat Street – Grand Master Flash
Brett Gardner: œOn the Run – Pink Floyd
Randy Winn: œJust Chill – Jon Young
Marcus Thames: œYou™re a Jerk – New Boyz
Francisco Cervelli: Unknown Song (supplied by Francisco on CD)

Starting pitchers
CC Sabathia: œBig Poppa – Notorious B.I.G.
A.J. Burnett: œI™m a Man – Black Strobe
Javier Vazquez: œUntil the Whole World Hears – Casting Crowns
Andy Pettitte: œLa Grange – ZZ Top
Phil Hughes: œKing Nothing – Metallica

I hate to cause trouble for the defending World Champions, but if you’re wondering why their veteran backstop and the youthful Cervelli might be hesitant to identify the source of their favorite tune, let’s just say things get awfully complicated when you’re talking about an-otherwise album-of-the-year candidate that’s been pulled from circulation (for the time being, anyway).