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Rickey Henderson, Major League Baseball’s all-time stolen base king, will join the New York Mets as a Special Instructor for 10 days this spring in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Henderson, who amassed 1,406 stolen bases during his major league career from 1979-2003, will work for the Mets after the World Baseball Classic is over. Rickey will also join the team for a week at some point during the regular season.

Please, please, please let this hiring constitute actual “how-to-draw-a-walk” lessons for one Jose Reyes and not a series of photo opportunites. But for those of us who have been screaming for such an appointment for a couple of years now, well, there’s actually nothing to complain about.

Now if they can just bring back John Franco to lecture all the younger players about the dangers of associating with bad characters, everything at Port. St. Lucie will be in order.